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The Keeper

  • The Bird Song2:07

Belinda May Music

  • The Fox2:45

Belinda Bowler

The Fox
A traditional folk song covered by many. Every version is different. This is one I learned from my dad. I especially like the last verse. It calms some of the anxiety about those poor chickens and geese.

  • Be Outside2:18

Be Outside
A song about the natural world for kids and grownups. "If you’re wondering what to do, feeling happy feeling blue, be outside..."

The Bird Song
A song I wrote with a group of kindergarteners as they learned about adaptation in birds. They taught me a lot. 


I couldn't be HAPPIER that you've found my website!

Hello and welcome to Belinda! Here you will find a bit of personal history, some songs, video, contact information and an opportunity to order my new CD,
The Keeper
. As in life, this site is a work in progress, so check back in the coming weeks for news, more photos, and my new concert series. Need to get in touch with me? There is a page for that too. Thanks.